Property Investment Loans

Choosing the correct loan for property investing is critical to your ability to build a property portfolio.

If you are looking at building a property portfolio for wealth creation purposes we are able to  assist you in determining what your current and proposed cash flow will be, what the holding costs will be for your portfolio and advise you on the borrowing capacity impact for future purchases.

Concise Finance can assist you with the following scenarios:

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  • How can Lines of credit help to increase your borrowing power and capacity
  • Ensuring that right loan structures are used so that the bank does not use your home as security
  • Show you how by consolidating high rate credit card debt and personal loans we can not only save you hundreds of dollars but also how this can impact you borrowing capacity favourably
  • Wealth creation strategies, whilst minimizing risk
  • For first home owners the decision to buy a home or rent where they live and buy an investment property can be a difficult decision.  Let us show you the benefits of both so you know what the right decision for you is

Based on your needs and goals we will suggest and recommend the use of a particular lender.  We not only ensure that your lender is going to offer the best rate but we also focus on lending policy and guidelines to ensure that the particular lender will be of right for you now and in the future also.

To arrange a finance strategy session tailored to your specific needs contact Concise Finance today!

Investment Property LoansAt Concise Finance we understand that the needs of property investors are different to those of owner occupiers. We can help you structure your investment property loans to help you meet your specific financial goals.

Our experienced Finance Managers understand the property purchase process and know just how time-consuming, stressful and often daunting property investing can be.

For investment strategies designed to help you navigate your way along the road to successful property investment, Concise Finance can help you

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