• Mortgage Broking

    Our Finance Managers will assess your situation and will suggest a strategy that is tailored to your specific needs. If you are looking at growing a property portfolio it is extremely important to have a sound strategy in place. This includes using the right lender at the right time, having a proven loan structure, having a buffer in place, avoiding cross-securitization, using interest only loans and products which have low fees and understanding the concept of Mortgage Insurance and using high Loan to Value Ratio loans. Without having a structured plan for property investing, many clients become stuck and end up not achieving their final goal.

  • Financial Planning

    The notion of building a property portfolio is many Australian’s greatest dream. To successfully achieve this it is essential that your portfolio be built upon a firm foundation. This means ensuring that we cover as many of the risks that could come your way as possible.
    Our experienced Financial Planners can offer a free risk review which will outline strategies to protect your portfolio in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This will include making sure that you have the right amount of Income Protection, Trauma, Disability and Death Cover. Let’s face it our income is one of our most important
    assets and losing this will not only impact our property portfolio but also the well being of our loved ones.

  • General Insurance

    Concise Finance has associations with insurance specialists who can help with your general and life insurance needs. They operate as brokers between you and the insurance companies and are not aligned with or tied to any financial institution, meaning they do not favour any product. Our insurance specialists will consider your requirements and the strengths and weaknesses of competing insurers and policies to make sure you get the most suitable deal.

    Yellow Brick Road general insurance specialists can assist with cover for personal and business assets and risk insurances, including specialist policies for companies and directors, as well as practising professionals.

  • Accounting

    Our Accountant specializes in assisting property investors to get the maximum return from their property portfolios. Concise Finance offers a full range of accounting and taxation services for individuals, small and medium sized businesses. We will prepare financial statements and income tax returns, and lodge tax returns and the various other documents necessary to comply with your legal obligations.

    More importantly, our expertise in structuring your affairs to fit with your financial objectives is a key part of achieving better wealth creation without more risk. This involves combining taxation, superannuation, financial structuring and investment expertise.

    Our accountant works closley with our finance managers and financial planner to integrate your insurance and debt arrangements within your, investment and personal structures.

At Concise Finance we strongly believe that by offering integrated services we are able to play a key part in helping you reach your financial goals knowing that you are working with a Company who has your interests in mind during and after the loan process.
Call Concise Finance today and book in for a strategy session that
will set you on your way to financial independence.