Financial Planning

The notion of building a property portfolio is many Australian’s greatest dream. To successfully achieve this it is essential that your portfolio be built upon a firm foundation. This means ensuring that we cover as many of the risks that could come your way as possible.
Our experienced Financial Planners can offer a free risk review which will outline strategies to protect your portfolio in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This will include making sure that you have the right amount of Income Protection, Trauma, Disability and Death Cover. Let’s face it our income is one of our most important assets and losing this will not only impact our property portfolio but also the well being of our loved ones.

Developing a financial strategy is much more than undertaking a ‘risk tolerance’ assessment and creating an investment portfolio that delivers that risk. It is much more complex, and rewarding, than that. A key philosophy of Concise Finance is that the best answer for an individual is unique to that individual. Achieving an appropriate risk-return trade-off that best meets your goals requires a solution that ties together your objectives, preferences and circumstances. You need an adviser who is able to work with you and has access to professionals who can help to design a financial strategy. Concise Finance combines a team of  advisers focused on the client, with specialist financial planners and accountants who work with the client to deliver the best solution.

To maximise wealth creation, you need to pay attention to how your objectives are achieved. Managing costs, including minimising taxes, is critical. Ensuring your investment infrastructure suits you can avoid pitfalls down the track, particularly around retirement, and can provide more flexibility and peace of mind. Concise Finance has the necessary expertise to help you. Achieving financial security and sleeping well also involves thinking about how much financial risk you are comfortable with. We can help you understand your risk-tolerance levels, and translate and illustrate how risk can affect different strategies designed to achieve your objectives. We want to ensure that your strategy is understood and suitable to you.

We have the expertise and processes to ensure we fully understand the risks of any investment we recommend, without just relying on third party investment options.

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